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Your Questions, Answered

Where do we practice? We practice a the Purdue Trap and Skeet fields
How do I get to the field? We meet behind the CoRec 15 minutes before practice to carpool to the field
Do you need to come to all practices? No, since it is a recreational club you only have to come when you want to.
Can I store my bow? Yes, we have a shed and trailer in the field that we can store equipment as needed. This comes with paying dues for practices
Do I need prior experience? You are more than welcome to come regardless of skill level. We love having new people and teaching them the art of archery.

Do I need my own equipment? We have equipment that can be used at practice if you do not have your own. We have recurve and genesis compound bows to shoot along with plenty of arrows.
What happens during practice? We shoot at targets on the field. Students teach fellow students that don’t know how to shoot how to.

How big is the field? Our field is 30 yards.
Any questions not answered? Please feel free to email us and we will get back to you with an answer.

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